Been a long time. . .


Its been a long time, but what better time to write a new post while I’m chillin waiting for my cousin to HURRY UP! Lol, jk.  First, I just like to apologize for taking sooooo long. Those closest to me know I’ve been on serious grind mode, plus still getting acculumated after my surgery. I wrote a post a while back and honestly I have written since then. . . Just haven’t posted them ( bad jessie) Anywho, I just wanted to talk about my week and what I call, ” the moment of self realization”. . . Well more so just add-ons to my moments already acknowledged.

I’ve really came to the conclusion that it is not my nature to hold grudges with people. I truly believe my spirit , as much as I tried , can’t honestly say that I hate a person. Strong dislike, yes, but not flat out hate where at the mere mention of a name or memberance of a situation makes me cringe. NO. What’s the point anyways? I’m 28 years old and I by far still have a lot to learn within myself and THIS one thing I am certain of. I can’t stay mad with people. #truestory Instead I take mental notes, forgiving but not forgetting on what was and I observe, ALOT! I believe  that is one of my best assets I have. I can’t stand bitter bitches, negative nancy’s or straight up assholes. I keep people like that very far away from me. I strongly urge others to check their circles and start making cuts, if you haven’t already.

So , hmmm what else has been going on with me? Well, life has been great I got another promotion at work doing EXACTLY what I want to do based on my career goals which is an awesome feeling. YAY me, and of course spending time with those close to me. You know twitter and FB and the random talking noise online  is all fun in games sometimes , but in the end if its not making money, it don’t make sense. Hence why you don’t see me on twitter nearly as much as before ( don’t worry I will not delete it like last time, lol ) plus I have a new found hobby, PAINTING.

Painting has been so liberating for me. There really isn’t much I can say outside of that. Oh, and before I forget I WILL be shooting again soon. So if anyone talking about J Roc is falling off tell them to shut their mouth cause its about to get serious. :)

Never left and always appreciating everyones support.
Xoxo peace love and glitter gloves