Here is where I get a lil deeper in my thoughts and let it all go. Enjoy.



What or whom else knows me the best?

Seeing the tears that fall,

The glimmer in my eyes with simple smiles

The pain I’ve endured or the Joy that overcomes me

Going through each day with new life lessons

Sure  to not make the same mistake as before .

Here in this room is where I learn my self worth

I learn love

I learn respect

I learn loyalty

I learn self-determination….

Being alone , me and my continued  thoughts, Content

But the world outside continues to bang at my door

Telling me that what  I am is  wrong

How is Live is wrong. . .

How I speak is wrong . . .

How I love is wrong. . .

How I live MY Life is wrong ,

But I remain quite as if no one is home.

They don’t know what goes on in these  walls

. . . They are wrong

At the end of the day dealing with myself .

I look in mirrors and ALL I see is me.

There is no denying or attempts to flee , ME

I am who I am

I will be what I will be

I will say what I want

And I will feel what I will

Learning each day how to love myself even  more

No longer do I mind  the mockingbirds

Inside I have my own song, my own way

Inside These walls iswhat  knows me  best

And I don’t mind if that’s how it will stay.


UNTITLED 9/30/2011

Tears use to fall

 affects like novacaine

only for awhile, it eases the pain

just to feel it all again

mind sways

just like the sails in the ocean

boat rocking

never knowing how much more you can take

but He is the calm after my storms

holding me with  warm embrace

the best I  ever had

the joy and my smiles

the flaws and all

He is my rock and my friend

my companion

to have such a troubled soul

He still loves me

Thank you God for him.

2 Comments on “Poetry”

  1. Ricky says:

    J, I am really feeling this poem. Just remember the only person that really even matters is in those walls, the people lucky enough to enter those walls should already know that the person inside is beautiful, inside and out, and will not be changed.

  2. JannRonn says:

    *snaps, snaps, snaps, snaps* I really need a poetry book from you and why are you not songwriting ma’am. You are multi-talented

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