Friday’s Fresh Face

Taking care of your skin is awesome! I’m to the point now where only thing I need is to make sure my eyebrows are done, a lil concealer and chapstick or lipgloss and I can call it a day!

Oh and I must add as well, drinking plenty of water helps too w/ an occasional asprin mask.

Here I have NOTHING on my face, just moisturizer. Completely loving my fresh face! Flaws and All :)


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Why we hate each other Pt.1

The competition factor:

Think about something:  since we were youngin’s in grade school we have always been ranked and compared to our peers. This holds true in the sticker  stars kindergarten teachers gave us for progress to winning trophies and accommodations in high school sports or academics. Like it or not, we have been wired to think we fit in a certain rank among our peers and because of that it has made some of us hate and judge based off of initial encounters we have with other  people.

The pressure has inadvertently  been there and that’s why we hate each other . . . especially  in  WOMEN. Some women just don’t know how to deal with other women’s’  success, achievements, happiness ect… So what do they do? They go on a tirade of “ I hate that bitch” . .  “she only got that cause. . . “” she ain’t no body forget her. . ” la-di-da bs we all know story lol but this hatred aspect comes from everyone’s rooted desire to compete and be better than the next chick. I see this  all the time so I know you guys see often too. It really all is jealousy because what that person sees in you is everything they want but don’t have yet so the natural human reaction is to HATE on that and hope that YOU fail.

Shoot, it has happened to me, lol.I got in a zone where things were going well for me in my life . I became happy emotionally , spiritually, financial  and physical but   I had chicks hovering  on the sidelines waiting to see me fail or try to do everything in their power to ruin my happiness.

Listen WOMEN and MEN we need to stop this childishness. I believe the reason people are so quick to “hate” on each other and what each other are doing is because you are too focused on comparing yourself instead of just doing YOU. Let go and stop competing with people it will take all the pressure off and most important all the negativity will end from  your life. Your MAIN job is to accept and realize that there is ONLY ONE  of YOU and to roll hard with YOU. I believe if we all did that there wouldn’t be a lot of bitter chicks running around holding assumptions or grudges based on  societies perception of what should be.

Why I Write <3

Writing has always been a vessel of release for me. I’m sure that when some of us were younger we all had that diary or journal where we would write in and put all of our deepest thoughts . In the beginning I would write more poetry then anything else, play around with beats on my Casio keyboard and get to work. My cousin Adrian can attest to that.  I ALWAYS had a creative side to me, but in a way was a very shy child and when it came to my writings or poetry my problem was  letting people in and sharing the more serious intellectual side of me.

Ever since I can remember I always put effort into writing, music, and modeling not because I was looking for a break, but because that it is something I LOVE to do and finally  wanted to share with others. That very thing is what I expressed to a photogrpaher yesterday in one of our conversations. Maybe I am wrong, but I never went into any of those venues stressing about “THIS has to be IT for me” because I always remained realistic about how life is and how it could be .I’m am not saying this because I haven’t succeeded as far as some” expected”I am saying this because sometimes people focus on the wrong things ( I use to be one of those people #truestory, lol). So, as I continued to do what I love I  put even more effort to make sure my future is sound, getting an education and getting a JOB(s).  I’m not knocking anyone  by all means,  but I feel that I should write this for the record :) .   I am very fortunate that people can relate to what I say in my post or in my poetry. I strive to connect to people on that level first instead of it being about money, cause like I already said I don’t rely solely on this to MAKE or BREAK me. I decide my self-worth and I am blessed . My payment in all this is being able to release and  touch someone  not persuade them for some monetary value. So I guess you  can call me  another fly by night  “blogger” it is what it is , lol. Anyone with an internet connection and the means can also setup some account where they post their thoughts or musings and that is beautiful to me . So I suppose I am gonna keep on blogging and you can keep on reading if you like. . . either way I am going to be just fine and I am going to keep doing me and what I Love to do.

Fighting over nothing. . .


                   ( ^^^if ya’ll don’t know what being fake looks like ^^^)
Im pretty sure a lot of people watch the show LOVE &  HipHop. . . well this last episode with Kimbella and Erica’s dumb fight about nothing just completely validated for me further why urban modeling isn’t that serious  anymore. Also reminded me how petty girls can be. Its obvious ole girl used Yandy to get close to Kimbella to start beef.  Yea, in a way Erica was right in saying that video models rate has greatly depreciated because now you have girls that would do anything for free these days, but I am quite unsure if that was grounds for her to go in like she did. Don’t get me wrong , I would catch an attitude if someone is messing with my money too, but to go that far to taint my career and fight a chick.. . NO . As far as Kimbella is concerned. . . she was ok to an extent with the confrontation  however,. . karma is funny ain’t it. . . thats all I’m gonna say about that.

If anything last weeks episode should have taught women in the industry this  how NOT to be. ALL Ladies, we must do better. .

A Quickie. . .

Hey folks. I know some people have wondered where I’ve been at. Well just to recap real quick , I had surgery so I’ve been recovering. Honestly social sites and blogging was the last thing I was thinking about doing. All my friends and fam that have checked up on me, thank you bunches. Secondly, I’m getting ready for next semester of college. If I hadn’t mentioned before education has always been an important aspect of my life. The sky is the limit and now that I have an amazing support system that gives me the extra push I’ve needed to do my thing.

Right now, I’m at the hair salon cause I can’t  even gather enough strength to do my own hair ( let alone barely enough to get here) but my hair needed to be done!. . Let me tell you, I’ve forgotten how good it feels to have someone else wash
your hair. . . HEAVEN, lol. Anyway enough with that. Since so many good positive things have gone on with my life I’m
at the salon and have decided to do something different to my hair. Don’t worry nothing too crazy it’s still very much JRocish :o) Ill be posting pics soon as well as new content for everyone’s enjoyment. I know I can never say this enough, but thank you EVERYBODY who still continues to support me and check out my site. Let’s see what creativity comes from the remaining 5 weeks I have of recovery :o)

Peace Love and Glitter Gloves

The Inconsequential “Golden Ticket”

I dont write about sex or relationship often 1. because I know I dont have all the answers and 2. not one relationship can be compared to another. But earlier ,last week, while on twitter @willspringfield posted something so profound  and so funny but it was s on point!

Those who arent following him should know that Will has a colorful personality. I always see him on my TL and I giggle cause he is off the chain, btw a great photographer. ((((FOLLOW HIM))))) . . but lets get back on subject :)

There are some females out in the world who use their  goods as the “golden ticket”. Giving ultimatiums and threats forgetting that the very thing in between their  legs that they claim to ” cherish ” so much  is the same  in between the next chicks. so really, what makes YOU so different?  I’m not about to put all my business out in the street cause that’s  not how I roll. Some things are meant to STAY personal,but rest assured Im the type of women who has something more to offer than the juicy fruit, lol. With my experience a man, anyone, wants a partner not something you can dispose of  once you are finished with it. . . but hey some do. So, if thats all you are offering and nothing outside of that a woman shouldn’t get caught up in her feelings when a guy is done with her. Makes sense , right?  Well I dont even think its begun to tap into the first layer of somes skulls.  . . .

The P*&8Y ( lol) may be a powerful thing , however ( women) we need to realize it’s ( yours)  not the last one on earth so it shouldnt even be put on the table in negotiations of trying to get what you want.  So, women before you even begin your tirade of ” he aint doing. . .” or ” he doesn’t I’m gonna. . ” make sure you check yourself and make sure that your situation is on point and Im not just talking about the situation   between your legs, but instead between your ears. Ladies. . . please get your minds right. Bring more to the table.

Change; the natural phenomenon

Are some people  afraid of change? It’s a question but partly  sad truth, but some love to continue to live their lives through the rear view mirror. They react to current situations based on their past very rarely seeing that not everything is the same or should even be compared. My floating question to all of this is WHY? Why not accept change knowing that it can potentially put you in a better situation, better mindset? Change is inevitable especially as we grow, but  I suppose people are set in their ways. I at one point was, but being stagnant was doing nothing for me. I saw my current situation and I chose to do something about it so I could be a better person, not for someone else but for ME. I completely understand that our past makes us who we are and it is all life lessons, but we shouldnt solely be defined on our past but more so how we’ve over came it. Some people don’t get it. They just see that we’ve changed and they dwell in that. You hear, ” oh you “brand-new”” ” or even the assumptions they you are better than other.   Change is not necessarily a bad thing sometime people  can’t believe that good can come from it.

 Honestly at one point I cared about this. I once thought that change meant losing myself. It doesn’t mean that at all. For instance my personal change opened my eyes of acceptance of myself. In a way I believe I was a little lost before but I found my way. In the process,  certain people in my life couldn’t accept my change within myself. When I closed certain chapters in my life and was doing things to better myself I thought some of those around me would be happy. Instead I received an opposite reaction. Quickly I realized that people who make you feel bad because you are changing for the better  and are happy  should hold no place in your circle or heart.  One of my friends said to me once, ” Some People don’t know how to accept  change or grow up; maybe they don’t even  want to grow up.” Perhaps he is right, but no one will never know . I am, however,  fortunate enough that I realized that sooner than later and took the situation of change for what it was . Bottom Line= some just can’t accept change within themselves, life or others. Change is a natural phenomenon and I’ve changed for the better. I urge others to do the same and embrace it positively , not just in ourself but in others as well I hope everyone continues to keep their head up in their life journey