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Hey y’all just a quick hi and to let everyone know I’ll be posting again soon. Been hella buzy, but I appreciate everyones continued support. Love you all .

Say My Name

This week has been interesting to say the least.  I’ve been trying really hard NOT to go
straight in on people, lol so instead I write. We have all dealt with people whether that be at work, personal or whatever   the venue, who like to include their
statements with “some people.” I’ll admit, I’ve used this often in some blog post that I have written. This kind of ties into a post I written earlier
entitled, “Sub-messaging.” I use phrases like  “some people”  to generalize on topics im writing about . If I have something I need to say directly to someone or if I want that person to know I am talking about them I will put their name in it. Trust me when I say I have no problems in doing that, lol. The problem as of lately is that even knowing that person wasn’t mentioned people will  still assume that whatever is being discussed HAS to be about them , or it leaves them  guessing , “Who is she talking  about?”  What I have noticed is that in cases of disputes, disagreements or even common day-to-day events/areas, such as the work place, people seem to be afraid to be direct and say WHO they are referring to.

Much like the rest of the world, I don’t like to be grouped in a box with everyone else or perceptions being changed or said because of what one person did, but if anything you are saying or doing is about me, say my name.  Don’t tip toe around it, be an adult. Say exactly WHO you having your issue with.  Here is one better, discuss it with that person directly instead of a group setting leaving questions and having everyone tripping and  wondering what is going on. If it doesn’t pertain to people as a group I feel that it shouldn’t even be brought up. That is one thing,  if anything ,I learned while in the military. I don’t know why people just can’t say the person’s name and be direct in who they are referring to and converse with them. Instead they want to be subliminal like everyone is a mind reader and feeling like they’ve accomplished something by being indirect. Now, I do believe there is a time and place for
being indirect, just some people misuse this and try to prove themselves to being the” better” person when they are really just being an ass.  I said earlier this week and I still encourage people to take heed. . . until someone says your name or refers to you DIRECTLY  is when you should respond, other than that keep it moving.  There are some instances about myself in my life where I have done just that. So next time you think someone is saying something to you or about you tell them to say your name, if they don’t they have to be alking about someone else and go on your merry way ( ^_^)

Dont Knock the Hustle

squirrel trying to get a nut Pictures, Images and Photos

People need to understand something, none of us are better than the next person. At the end of the day we are all just a squirrel  trying to get a nut ( not figuratively) lol , but still you have some people out here knocking someone elses drive or hustle. The word, “Hustle” is just another way of saying you’re a go getter to me . Yeah it can include who you know ( networking) but all depending on how you network could be classified as hustling. Sometimes you’ll get people convincing themselves that their shine is being taken away or threatened by the achievement of others . That type of focus could show insecurities in yourself  and what YOU’RE truly wanting to do.  I’ve always been about supporting the next person in their endeavors , in some cases helping if I am able. People who know me KNOW ME know that.  For me to talk bad about what someone else is doing or trying to do , specifically if it’s about their business, makes me look unprofessional if I’m trying to establish myself too in the business  . ( aka BAD BUSINESS MOVE)

It’s a given, people are gonna have similar aspirations and goals , but that doesn’t mean they will take the same road to get there or treat situations presented to them  the same. No one should ever personally compare themselves or even assume the unknown ,especially in any business .If you dont know something ask. What might work for you may not work for others and vise versa. So in a way its almost silly to pass judgment. Here, I believe, is where the fine line between opinion and just talking noise gets crossed. I honestly believe that more can be accomplished if people would just support each other or just keep their comments to themselves. Shoot, I’ve seen the positive affects in doing this. Call it Law of Attraction or what have you , but I believe in it because it makes sense to me . Why be negative?

One thing that I can acknowledge in my” hustle ” is that I am very resourceful. I make it a point to go to different places and areas meeting new people for my business with the goal of getting real connections. In my past experiences I’ve appreciated those I’ve met whether if it was good or not . If it’s not too much trust, I keep it moving . But do people use each other? Absolutely they do. People use each other all the time mainly seeing what someone can do for them giving nothing in return. It took me time to figure out, but when networking with people in your industry you have to be able to bring something to the table too. Yes, this means you too will be used. It’s apart of the hustle and hard work with lessons learned and experience; all of which you can control by who you allow in your network . I have been used good and bad, but it is what it is.It happens Nothing in life is served on a silver platter, but in your journey remember who has helped you and don’t get brand-new. Humble yourself in your hustle and remember where you came from and most importantly don’t let anyone knock your hustle. Keep on grinding loves cause I am!!!

Respect the Hustle~

Reinvention & Updates


(picture by FUZEGROUP @TheFuzgroup)

Hey everyone, I hope everyone’s week has been fun, exciting and above all blessed. I have been on a semi vaca, but during this time I have had a lot of time to handle some personal business as well as business for my modeling career and acting. If you follow me on twitter you will know that me and my good friend Krissy Chong ( aka the BEST MUA in the DMV)( @glamkrissy) are headed out to Va Beach to shoot with Lee McDowell. Mr. McDowell is known not only for his classic work but also being a contributing photographer for JET mag submission for Beauty of the Week. ( hint hint)(^_^) Any who, super excited about that as well as seeing how Krissy will “beat my face” for some other looks we plan on doing while we are that way. Another thing I have been up to is working with photographers TAYE KING( @tayekingphotography) and DAVID HILL (@visualcocktail) of Visual Cocktail. Please believe that there are A++ pictures from both of those shoots. And if everyone can keep their fingers crossed, the pictures I shot for Visual Cocktail were submitted for consideration for the DMV DIVAs 2012 Calendar.

So, needless to say I have been on my grind/hustle  there is no denying that. This is just the beginning of my “reinvention”. Yes, I said reinvention, lol. Why you may ask? Well with my 4 years of modeling  and the past year on a hiatus, I have learned a lot and seen a lot. From runway to promo and glamour to fashion, I have done and seen it all and I can finally say that this time around my focus is clearer and I know exactly what I want to do and carry out this time around. A lot of times we all get clouded with things that we think we know are “good” or what we ” need” for business, hey it happens, but we can’t let it get us down. we just learn and become better from that. This is where I am in this point of my career. I look forward to being able to share with you more past experiences and accomplishments I have coming up.

Oh and of course I cant forget I am the 1st cover model for Cred Magazine’s , UnDressed and have a spread in this current issue of Cred Exclusive. Thanks Ray (@credmag)~ :)

Stay tuned! Videos coming soon !!




Whats been up with JRoc?

Hey everyone. I know I havent been here to post for awhile. Those that have been keeping up with me know that I know longer have a blogspot site. Why? Well, this is way better.. lol Anywho, I have been blessed with a lot of opprotunities as lately and I have been super focused and busy with all of the joys that life has to bring. I am still doing modeling  , but taking on a different spin. My focus will be more geared towards acting and community outreach projects I am involved in ( stay up tuned ). Also I will be launching ”” very very soon. The goal there is to compile everything into one site. Obviously posters will be avail, chat and discussion forums for guests and friends and much more. Just also wanted to tell everyone thank you again  for all your continued support and those who doubted me. Most of all, eternally grateful for the  friendships and partnerships throughout  my journey. It took some time but I am finally surrounded by a good team of people with the same goals and aspirations and who are about BUSINESS.Some may talk a good game but now its time to stop talking and just DO! Personally, I  say that I have grown and changed for the better, that’s obviously what everyones goal should be and I am looking forward now to the horizions , excited and motivated more so then ever. Thank you Thank you and THANK YOU ALL again. Much love and respect and as ALWAYS be good to each other.

Modeling update


Hey yall, its been a while, huh? Well I just been on serious focus mode, i.e worrying about me and mines. I had the opportunity to work with a remarkable team a couple days ago. Though it was impromptu it was a true testament of what can be created when 4 talented people get together. I reunited with one of my all time fav photographer, Ted Mebane, MUA Katt Rollins and Celebrity Hairstylist, Charlene Brown. We rocked it!!

In the word of my friend , Ted…”this was just the warm-up.”
I love this team of individuals, this wasn’t our first time working together and it wont be our last.

I love this because its very Avante Garde with a touch of sophistication. Also I was able to broaden my range as a model, thanks Ted! ( anyone who models should strive to push limits of creativity)
Here are a couple shots..


Being a ROLE Model, Get involved

It has always been in my nature to help people. To make a difference ecspecially if it is a postive one. This is VERY important to me. I thought a while ago, I want to be known as more than just a model. I AM NOT just a model. I AM more than that. I am a friend , a sister, a daughter, a supporter, a student just a whole plethora of things. When people hear the name, “Jessica Rochelle” it should be associated with  something more than just pictures. I’m far from being a super model and really I could care less if I would ever be. It is cliche to me.  I just want to be able to make a difference.

So I have gotten involved with the American Cancer Society and soon, other community outreach projects. To me to help is to   Love ♥  and if I can make any difference I will. Educating myself in what is going on in local areas and in the world  and being a part of change to  help and awareness  is an awesome feeling beyond believe. At the end of the day its not about you or I, but about what we can do as a group, one solid unit in making a difference and showing that people still care and are not  selfish.

I strongly encourage everyone  to get involved with community out reach projects and sign up for volunteer work in your area. Be dedicated in helping people with cancer and/or other illnesses and support research and education as well as natural disasters in our nation and in the world as much as you can.

Here are some sites to check out:

I don’t care about being a model , but I DO care about being a ROLE MODEL!