Who am I F’ing Kidding!?

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Sometimes I don’t even know where to begin. The constant thoughts floating around in my head not being able to grasp just one idea or clear thought sometimes, but alas this is my problem. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, especially as women. Some of us take on to this whole wonder woman concept thinking and hoping that we too can do any and everything while still looking good. Can we? Really though, is that even possible?
If you are a person that has followed the “Jessica Rochelle journey” you have come to realize one of many things about me. I Model. I love to write. I am an aspiring makeup artist; as well I aspire to act… just to name a few. Who am I fucking kidding? For me to begin to do all those things at one time (in which I was actively pursuing) was burning me out. I learned quickly a long time ago that if you have a focus be 100% on that focus so that you can meet that desired goal. The cause of my demise as to why I may have not progressed further as I would like is that each thing that I aspired to be was only given about 25% . In doing this I wasn’t able to personally be where I needed to be and build any goal I had for myself.
I have had come to terms and whole heartedly admit that I simply was doing way too much. I don’t know, perhaps in doing so it was like keeping up with the Jones’ to me, but for what? Who batman cares about all that? There is a crystal clear difference in multitasking, prioritizing and completely burning yourself out, and I my friends burnt myself out doing too much. The great news is I acknowledged that, stopped and corrected my actions. Shoot, better late than never. So after some major fine tuning of my life and intimate conversations with myself I am glad to say I am back on track!
So what’s the adjustment? My focus is not on modeling and I don’t believe it ever was. I have plenty other tangible talents that I have to offer the world that I am more passionate about ; and why not do what is your passion? Granted I still shoot on occasion but I’m not indulged in it like before. I’ve gone back and honed into my Air Force way of working/thinking smarter not harder in every sense of the term. Now if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense and if it doesn’t make me happy, while the hell am I doing it anyway? So I continue on this journey… me, Jessica Rochelle… the…..let’s see what unfolds.

One Comment on “Who am I F’ing Kidding!?”

  1. leopride says:

    I was wondering what’s been going on with you. Don’t know if you will see this but let me know you’re still around.

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