So, I am back in Georgia

Hello wonderful beautiful people. It has been a very long time hasn’t it? Well I am back and as always I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. I have been pretty busy.  So I moved back to Georgia and so far I love it. It is funny how things happen. I recall talking to one of my friends and saying that in 2007 when I was separating the service I had two choices of where to move, Jacksonville FL or here Atlanta Ga. Of course I choose Fl. It’s a good thing though because then I would have never met the friends in my life now that I am eternally grateful for. So, now that I am here I am still in school chasing my degree and believe it or not making my way back on to the modeling scene. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but this is something that I love to do so here we go…again

I hope to get on here and blog a lil more often than every 6 months, and I will def keep ya’ll up to date on projects I come across. Hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day and chat with you later

One Comment on “So, I am back in Georgia”

  1. leopride says:

    Going to miss your presence up in the DMV.

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