I do this for ME

One thing that I realized is people are always trying to out do , show, prove or be something that they are not all for the approval for others. All of the is so insignifcant and irrelevant.  Whether it be writing, music , dancing or which ever venue you chose to travel, do it for yourself. Do it because YOU are passionate in the field you choose. Don’t ever do it to claim yours “better” or more worthy to others . The mistake people make sometimes is seeking validation or acknowledgement either. They waste sooo much time on this that sometimes they forget the passion or reason why they’ve done what they “desired” in the first place.

People waste too much time and energy focusing on what others think of them as if will change your self worth. This may sound selfish as hell, but anything you do, do it for YOU first. Who’s better to look out for your best interest other than yourself?

One Comment on “I do this for ME”

  1. So true Jess! Great post!

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