Sugar coating, not easier to swallow.

Ahhh its been so long. I often have these long spouts of not writing , which is cool I honestly do this( writing )  for me, but today seemed to be a better day than any other to get back in the groove. So, today I was talking to my co-worker. We always talk about really anything under the sun. While I was talking to her more and more just getting to know each other  a I realized something in myself, I don’t sugar coat. . . anymore.  Yeeeeeaah, I use to be the type to spare people’s feelings because I am a caring  warm-hearted person, but the truth is in most situations people need to hear the truth , even if it’s about themselves. Don’t get me wrong I have been on a on-going self-realization of myself and I am to the point now more so that I am getting more comfortable with myself and being brutally honest with my self. For instance, acknowledging my flaws and vises ( we all have them) Knowing is half the battle. Most people like to deny what IS and make excuses or even prove, but why?

If anything that I have learned in  the past ( I’ll say) 7 years is that you first have to be honest with yourself and secondly be honest with others. Doing so presents an automatic respect to me. And don’t make excuses! Another thing I have come to realize is that I have to stop making/accepting  excuses for myself and to not accept empty excuses from others , friends & family included.  Sugar Coating is always an easier pill to swallow, but its like taking a placebo pill, it will not work and it def. will not solve your problems ! Sometimes people just can’t handle the truth , so they do this to either avoid the situation or to be “nice”. You have to be able to see things/people etc. for what they truly are. You need to be able to see this so that you   understand things  better, deal and overcome accordingly. Well , at least that’s just me. I’m still on this amazing ride called life and everyday is a learning experience shaping the person that you become. Thoughts?

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