Why we hate each other? Pt.2

It’s how we were raised. . .:

Another point that is natural as any other point, but what we fail to realize is how we were brought up.  Could it be something passed down from generation to generation by family morals and beliefs? I can’t say, but its something to think about.  It is true that you are a product of your enviroment and even more so true that we can change our outcome and how we think. Not everything is always left to blame on our upbringing. I mean you would think that for us ( humans) to be such an ” evolved ” species  we would understand that people will be people. Now, I’m not trying to coerce you all to ride the rainbow of love and glitter sprinkles , but the petty issues we have with each other shouldn’t be made problems at all , but  instead, a celebration. Too often I see people harboring negativity  and hate when they should be happy and keep it moving.

I know that people are going to be different from me , but I also know that its my choice who I associate myself with. I understand that instead of being hateful  towards other people and their thoughts or ways of life at the end of the day  I decide what I agree with and not. It is not beneficial to me to downplay anything anyone else is doing or why they are doing it.  We should only concern oursleves with that when it comes to what we do individually.

3 Comments on “Why we hate each other? Pt.2”

  1. Hey Jess! This post is really on point. We have control over our actions and behavior. Yes, we are a product of our environment but we don’t have to continue to be. CHANGE is needed to grow….thanks for sharing this with us :) Oh btw….I nominated you for the ABC Blogger Award check it out here:

    • Awww thanks!! I really love all your feedback you’ve given me. It means a lot. . . But yea, this subject is more than likely going to be a series of post cause there are so many EXUSES people use to Hate on one another

  2. You’re soooo very welcome and thanks!!! Anything I can do to support you I will. I like that idea…..I’ll be looking forward to the series.

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