Friday’s Fresh Face

Taking care of your skin is awesome! I’m to the point now where only thing I need is to make sure my eyebrows are done, a lil concealer and chapstick or lipgloss and I can call it a day!

Oh and I must add as well, drinking plenty of water helps too w/ an occasional asprin mask.

Here I have NOTHING on my face, just moisturizer. Completely loving my fresh face! Flaws and All :)


( current daily cleanser: black soap, toner and ponds face moisturizer)

3 Comments on “Friday’s Fresh Face”

  1. Pretty Momma!!! Girl, what is an aspirin mask??? I’mma need to know about that lol. Black soap is AWESOME and Shea Butter as well. Thanks for sharing your tips on keeping it tight – preciate’cha!

    • An asprin mask is something I got from all it is is crushed up asprin and a lil bit of hydrogen peroxide to make it pasty. You apply on your face in gentle circular motions and then leave it on for a couple mins. I’m not gonna lie, it does BURN. So I wouldn’t suggest keeping it on for to long. You take it off with warm water and soft wash cloth. Typically after I put Honey on my face ( as a mask) to moisturize; take that off with cold water. I love it! :)

  2. Ok boops. Thanks for the info and I’m on it!! lol

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