Why we hate each other Pt.1

The competition factor:

Think about something:  since we were youngin’s in grade school we have always been ranked and compared to our peers. This holds true in the sticker  stars kindergarten teachers gave us for progress to winning trophies and accommodations in high school sports or academics. Like it or not, we have been wired to think we fit in a certain rank among our peers and because of that it has made some of us hate and judge based off of initial encounters we have with other  people.

The pressure has inadvertently  been there and that’s why we hate each other . . . especially  in  WOMEN. Some women just don’t know how to deal with other women’s’  success, achievements, happiness ect… So what do they do? They go on a tirade of “ I hate that bitch” . .  “she only got that cause. . . “” she ain’t no body forget her. . ” la-di-da bs we all know story lol but this hatred aspect comes from everyone’s rooted desire to compete and be better than the next chick. I see this  all the time so I know you guys see often too. It really all is jealousy because what that person sees in you is everything they want but don’t have yet so the natural human reaction is to HATE on that and hope that YOU fail.

Shoot, it has happened to me, lol.I got in a zone where things were going well for me in my life . I became happy emotionally , spiritually, financial  and physical but   I had chicks hovering  on the sidelines waiting to see me fail or try to do everything in their power to ruin my happiness.

Listen WOMEN and MEN we need to stop this childishness. I believe the reason people are so quick to “hate” on each other and what each other are doing is because you are too focused on comparing yourself instead of just doing YOU. Let go and stop competing with people it will take all the pressure off and most important all the negativity will end from  your life. Your MAIN job is to accept and realize that there is ONLY ONE  of YOU and to roll hard with YOU. I believe if we all did that there wouldn’t be a lot of bitter chicks running around holding assumptions or grudges based on  societies perception of what should be.

3 Comments on “Why we hate each other Pt.1”

  1. Toni says:

    I agree with this 100% chica :)

  2. Hate is truly a disease. You will not grow and prosper worrying about the next man/girl. This was needed to be said and I agree with you. Women are the WORST when it comes to it. Always knocking each other down instead of encouraging and lifting each other up. You can’t be jealous or envy what the next person has because….what GOD has for you is for YOU.

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