Why I Write <3

Writing has always been a vessel of release for me. I’m sure that when some of us were younger we all had that diary or journal where we would write in and put all of our deepest thoughts . In the beginning I would write more poetry then anything else, play around with beats on my Casio keyboard and get to work. My cousin Adrian can attest to that.  I ALWAYS had a creative side to me, but in a way was a very shy child and when it came to my writings or poetry my problem was  letting people in and sharing the more serious intellectual side of me.

Ever since I can remember I always put effort into writing, music, and modeling not because I was looking for a break, but because that it is something I LOVE to do and finally  wanted to share with others. That very thing is what I expressed to a photogrpaher yesterday in one of our conversations. Maybe I am wrong, but I never went into any of those venues stressing about “THIS has to be IT for me” because I always remained realistic about how life is and how it could be .I’m am not saying this because I haven’t succeeded as far as some” expected”I am saying this because sometimes people focus on the wrong things ( I use to be one of those people #truestory, lol). So, as I continued to do what I love I  put even more effort to make sure my future is sound, getting an education and getting a JOB(s).  I’m not knocking anyone  by all means,  but I feel that I should write this for the record :) .   I am very fortunate that people can relate to what I say in my post or in my poetry. I strive to connect to people on that level first instead of it being about money, cause like I already said I don’t rely solely on this to MAKE or BREAK me. I decide my self-worth and I am blessed . My payment in all this is being able to release and  touch someone  not persuade them for some monetary value. So I guess you  can call me  another fly by night  “blogger” it is what it is , lol. Anyone with an internet connection and the means can also setup some account where they post their thoughts or musings and that is beautiful to me . So I suppose I am gonna keep on blogging and you can keep on reading if you like. . . either way I am going to be just fine and I am going to keep doing me and what I Love to do.

2 Comments on “Why I Write <3”

  1. Jess, this hits sooooo close to home for me. I just put a post up today on twitter saying the same thing. I write because it’s therapy and words heal just as well as they can destroy. I’ve touched so many just from joining wordpress and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to do so. Sharing is uplifting and letting others know that you’re human just like them and we live and breath the same air. If nothing else, I’m doing what I love to do because ultimately that is what is going to make me completely happy. Leaving something tangible for my kids is my aim…something they can pick up and read years from now when I’m gone. To always have a piece of me…thats what matters most.

    • Exactly. I wrote that for many of the same reasons you have but mainly people think I’m trying to compete. I think its all very funny when I hear that cause much like you, I do this because it make me happy and I like to share my thoughts in hopes that it’ll inspire others. I’m glad you and I are on the same page on a lot of things :)

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