Fighting over nothing. . .


                   ( ^^^if ya’ll don’t know what being fake looks like ^^^)
Im pretty sure a lot of people watch the show LOVE &  HipHop. . . well this last episode with Kimbella and Erica’s dumb fight about nothing just completely validated for me further why urban modeling isn’t that serious  anymore. Also reminded me how petty girls can be. Its obvious ole girl used Yandy to get close to Kimbella to start beef.  Yea, in a way Erica was right in saying that video models rate has greatly depreciated because now you have girls that would do anything for free these days, but I am quite unsure if that was grounds for her to go in like she did. Don’t get me wrong , I would catch an attitude if someone is messing with my money too, but to go that far to taint my career and fight a chick.. . NO . As far as Kimbella is concerned. . . she was ok to an extent with the confrontation  however,. . karma is funny ain’t it. . . thats all I’m gonna say about that.

If anything last weeks episode should have taught women in the industry this  how NOT to be. ALL Ladies, we must do better. .

One Comment on “Fighting over nothing. . .”

  1. These reality shows are really making us black women look sad and uneducated. I don’t know WHY women want to be depicted in such a manner all to gain a check. Money is the root to allllll evil and if I have to act a fool and show my behind on national tv to gain a check….it’s so not worth it. In the end, I have 2 daughters and my obligation is to be a role model to them. I pray WE get it together as a people but unfortunately I truly don’t see that happening. Thanks for this post Jess….as always #youRock :)

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