A Quickie. . .

Hey folks. I know some people have wondered where I’ve been at. Well just to recap real quick , I had surgery so I’ve been recovering. Honestly social sites and blogging was the last thing I was thinking about doing. All my friends and fam that have checked up on me, thank you bunches. Secondly, I’m getting ready for next semester of college. If I hadn’t mentioned before education has always been an important aspect of my life. The sky is the limit and now that I have an amazing support system that gives me the extra push I’ve needed to do my thing.

Right now, I’m at the hair salon cause I can’t  even gather enough strength to do my own hair ( let alone barely enough to get here) but my hair needed to be done!. . Let me tell you, I’ve forgotten how good it feels to have someone else wash
your hair. . . HEAVEN, lol. Anyway enough with that. Since so many good positive things have gone on with my life I’m
at the salon and have decided to do something different to my hair. Don’t worry nothing too crazy it’s still very much JRocish :o) Ill be posting pics soon as well as new content for everyone’s enjoyment. I know I can never say this enough, but thank you EVERYBODY who still continues to support me and check out my site. Let’s see what creativity comes from the remaining 5 weeks I have of recovery :o)

Peace Love and Glitter Gloves

One Comment on “A Quickie. . .”

  1. I’m in school too. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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