The Inconsequential “Golden Ticket”

I dont write about sex or relationship often 1. because I know I dont have all the answers and 2. not one relationship can be compared to another. But earlier ,last week, while on twitter @willspringfield posted something so profound  and so funny but it was s on point!

Those who arent following him should know that Will has a colorful personality. I always see him on my TL and I giggle cause he is off the chain, btw a great photographer. ((((FOLLOW HIM))))) . . but lets get back on subject :)

There are some females out in the world who use their  goods as the “golden ticket”. Giving ultimatiums and threats forgetting that the very thing in between their  legs that they claim to ” cherish ” so much  is the same  in between the next chicks. so really, what makes YOU so different?  I’m not about to put all my business out in the street cause that’s  not how I roll. Some things are meant to STAY personal,but rest assured Im the type of women who has something more to offer than the juicy fruit, lol. With my experience a man, anyone, wants a partner not something you can dispose of  once you are finished with it. . . but hey some do. So, if thats all you are offering and nothing outside of that a woman shouldn’t get caught up in her feelings when a guy is done with her. Makes sense , right?  Well I dont even think its begun to tap into the first layer of somes skulls.  . . .

The P*&8Y ( lol) may be a powerful thing , however ( women) we need to realize it’s ( yours)  not the last one on earth so it shouldnt even be put on the table in negotiations of trying to get what you want.  So, women before you even begin your tirade of ” he aint doing. . .” or ” he doesn’t I’m gonna. . ” make sure you check yourself and make sure that your situation is on point and Im not just talking about the situation   between your legs, but instead between your ears. Ladies. . . please get your minds right. Bring more to the table.

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