Change; the natural phenomenon

Are some people  afraid of change? It’s a question but partly  sad truth, but some love to continue to live their lives through the rear view mirror. They react to current situations based on their past very rarely seeing that not everything is the same or should even be compared. My floating question to all of this is WHY? Why not accept change knowing that it can potentially put you in a better situation, better mindset? Change is inevitable especially as we grow, but  I suppose people are set in their ways. I at one point was, but being stagnant was doing nothing for me. I saw my current situation and I chose to do something about it so I could be a better person, not for someone else but for ME. I completely understand that our past makes us who we are and it is all life lessons, but we shouldnt solely be defined on our past but more so how we’ve over came it. Some people don’t get it. They just see that we’ve changed and they dwell in that. You hear, ” oh you “brand-new”” ” or even the assumptions they you are better than other.   Change is not necessarily a bad thing sometime people  can’t believe that good can come from it.

 Honestly at one point I cared about this. I once thought that change meant losing myself. It doesn’t mean that at all. For instance my personal change opened my eyes of acceptance of myself. In a way I believe I was a little lost before but I found my way. In the process,  certain people in my life couldn’t accept my change within myself. When I closed certain chapters in my life and was doing things to better myself I thought some of those around me would be happy. Instead I received an opposite reaction. Quickly I realized that people who make you feel bad because you are changing for the better  and are happy  should hold no place in your circle or heart.  One of my friends said to me once, ” Some People don’t know how to accept  change or grow up; maybe they don’t even  want to grow up.” Perhaps he is right, but no one will never know . I am, however,  fortunate enough that I realized that sooner than later and took the situation of change for what it was . Bottom Line= some just can’t accept change within themselves, life or others. Change is a natural phenomenon and I’ve changed for the better. I urge others to do the same and embrace it positively , not just in ourself but in others as well I hope everyone continues to keep their head up in their life journey

One Comment on “Change; the natural phenomenon”

  1. AnTaylor says:

    This reminds me of a book that I hold close to my life to remind me how change is good. It’s called “Who Moved My Cheese”. I have lost so many people in my life b/c of the positive direction I chose to take..Well written Jess

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