Get in Where You Fit in.

 I’ve looked around and often seen people trying to fit a mold that they know that they aren’t.  Much like a puzzle piece, you can’t force a fit for something that is obviously not meant to be. Me personally, I use to want to do things that I knew I had no business even pursuing.  I exhausted a lot of time and energy on people and situations that had  no positive result .  For instance, associating myself with people who are completely opposite ends of the spectrums from me. Needless to say I realized that certain situations and people  were pieces that were never intended to fit into my life.

I’ll never understand why, but all of us at one point in life so  far have stepped outside of our own comfort zone. We try to appeal to others instead of accepting ourselves and surrounding ourselves with people who will accept us for who we are.  It’s all a mistake we have all made once or twice. I can personally say I am at a place and situation where I know no judgement will be past against me. Surrounded by people, doing what I love to do and with who I decided to have in my company. Yes, sounds  simple , but in a world with several different personalities and situations that present themselves; sometimes you find yourself second guessing what is right for YOU. Its  ok though, we eventually find our way within the lessons learned of the past.

So I end  in saying this, don’t worry about what the next person doing, how they are doing it or with whom. Be free and true to yourself and get in where you fit in. Trust me you’ll be happiest with yourself this way.

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