You dont have to do ALL that.

I love my conversations that I have with my Uncle B . A few weeks ago we started getting on the topic of my blog. One of the things said  to me was ” I’m glad you toned it down.” I looked back at my uncle and responded like a scolded child, ” I know. lol” My uncle continued in saying, ” Man , you’d be going IN on some of the post you use to  write, with the cussing and  all, but baby girl, I’m glad you’ve realized that you don’t have to do all that. My uncle is 10000000000000% right on this , lmbo. Thankfully before that conversation that is something my man had always discussed with me. It boils down to being an image thing.  Throughout  our  conversation my cousin D and my hubby were there and nodded their heads concurring with what was just said, for it was something that we’ve both already addressed in the past .To hear something like that from a mans perspective who genuinely  cares for you so  and has your best interest at heart was right on time and something I constantly remind myself of.

 My point in even brining up this in a post is this: If I really needed to” go in” on somebody like that or even express a point here on my site  I don’t have to use vulgarity in doing so or  slander anyones name or make up lies about someone just to get traffic to my site, feel me? I’m far from a saint, but all sinners DO  have a future and all saints DO a past, that’s with anyone! I am a grown intelligent woman.  In the past I have held back from posting on my site because I didn’t want to sound ignorant or make contradicting comments like I’ve seen else where.But  as unfortunate as it sounds people do judge you first by appearance then  if they are intrigued enough by your look  they will eventually listen to what you have to say.  Because of all of that I am very mindful on what I say, what I do  and how I present myself . Even now with modeling I ( solely) decided to no longer do eye candy modeling.  You know it is what it is, your selling sex. At this chapter in my life with the love and growth within my family I decided awhile back to drop  all that.  I have my attention at home.  I see people get delusions of grandeur, nobility and relevancy, hyping up themselves with cussing or vulgarity believing that this  is the ticket to get recognition, hits, views, followers, etc. . Wrong! ( in my opinion) One thing I’ve always known is I control how I’m perceived by my actions and what I say.Just be yourself! I know I am ME and no one can change that or discredit me.  How I see it is it’s not about being fake, but being true to you. . . and hey if that means being outlandish in what you say and do so be it. Perhaps you don’t know any better, but I am here to say in the words of the amazing men in my life, You don’t have to do all that.

3 Comments on “You dont have to do ALL that.”

  1. Jessica I’m so loving this post!! It is important that we pay attention to those who matter most in our lives. It’s GREAT that you have supportive MEN in your life. I’ve been blessed to have a supportive husband as well and I’m learning more and more just how important HIS opinion is and how much it’s valued. Words can bind us and keep us from growing…..keep up the positivity and as always THANK YOU for sharing your insight!

    A loyal reader~

    • jrocsworld says:

      Thank you so much! I am so honored that you enjoyed this. Just writing from the heart and what I know. It is such a wonderful feeling to have a supportive husband in you life , as well as supportive men that are there in your life for feedback. . I am happy that you have that and that you can relate to this post. You rock gal and thanks for stopping by.


  2. tljkKEY says:

    Please follow me, I follow you.
    Thanks as always great reads…

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