What’s New? What’s Up?

Hey wonderful readers. I know that its been awhile since I have written anything. Those who know me personally, know what I have been going through. I want to take this opprotunity to thank everyone on my team, family and true friends for your love , support and kindness. It has not gone unnoticed. The past couple of weeks has given me the opprotunity to reflect on life. In my heart I’ve always known who has had my back and who has cared. I’ve also known what and who is important, very rarely entertaining the BS. But that of course is something some already know. :)

I’ve already expressed this to a few people in my circle , but now I think it’s finally time to discuss it out in the opened. I am DONE with Urban Modeling. Some may deny, but I have had some success in this industry and though there are no hard feelings, I feel that its time to keep it moving. That is no longer my focus and that is all that I will say about that. So if you so happen to hear people chit chatting about my business just know that they don’t know what they are talking about. For about 2 yrs now I have had a different focus to include everything to my life business  to  personal. Throughout all this I’ve been searching for my way and my mark to make. Contrary to popular belief, I have always done Jessica and don’t care  to be like someone else. So in this I will state, I am an individual, always have always will be. Got to keep it moving. : )

I will, however, continue to still model for specific projects and campaigns. I’m about the money honey! As well, I am still an aspiring actress  linking up with some reputable companies so I can start doing my thing.  Also negotiating a few contracts with reputable  websites and magazines to be a contributing writer. . . Yeah I do this… lmbo this isn’t just a hobby .Other than  that the Main thing in my life is  GOD and Family. Also helping support my fellow entrepeneurs and friends Krissy Chong w/ www.makeupbyKrissy.com and Houda @midieastqueen with her clothing designs. Make sure you check them both out. I absolutely LOVE these girls! Watch how we work and stay tuned. . .

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