There is no competition. . .

Lately Ive watched shows on NBC  like Meet the Press and  The Chris Matthews Show. Pretty much anything to do with politics and our economy. I’ve glanced at it here and there but one thing that always bothers me  about these shows  is that I feel like the democratic and republican parties are always in competition when each other when they shouldnt be.( FOLLOWS IS MY MINI RANT :0) )  I know it may be asking for too much but when it comes to the American people we want/demand answers and progress to be done instead of the petty bickering I have noticed.  To global warming to the issues with wages and union or even to our current economic standing. Instead of t truly seeing what is good for the people,  it is always a dance of why people should follow the views of  the other. There isnt much common ground. Even with President Barack Obama in the office, he is still in competition, fighting to keep his place in the White House, but again that isn’t the issue.That shouldn’t be the Presidents main concern.

Sometimes I wonder if politicians, governors or even congressmen really stop to see what would be best instead of having an ego tripping party with each other. As a veteran I can say this and stand behind it. . . as an American citizen I can say this and stand behind that. America still has several issues that we need to deal with and it seems like, to me, instead  of investing time on rectifying those  issues they make these  dumb little, quite commercials about each other in hopes to gain a following. I can get and understand why someone, anyone would do that. Everyone needs a great marketing scheme, but image if that time had been  exhausted on solving the problems we have.

So  I write, as a Democrat, we need to stop focusing on comparing and competing when there is a bigger picture and issues that still need to be addressed.  Only competition I want to see is in the NFL not with  the matters of my livelihood or other shenanigans .

Thank you and Good night, lol

3 Comments on “There is no competition. . .”

  1. Lori A. Tate says:

    you do the dang thing cuz!!!!!!!

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