Justice and the Human Spirit

I told myself that I wasn’t going to write about this, but the more information I read on Troy Davis and the inconsistencies of  the legal system I must.

Troy  Davis was convicted of murdering an off-duty  police officer in 1989, based upon  testimony of 9 witnesses at the time . Recently, to my understanding , today   7 of  the 9  witnesses have recanted their testimony entirely. Some claimed that they testified against Troy because of intimidation by the police or of fear of being prosecuted themselves. This is where I froze, raised the BS flag and blew my whistle. WAIT, So these people LIED!? It is  also  stated there are enormous problems with the testimony of the remaining 2 witness accounts.

There is no other  EVIDENCE. The murder weapon was NEVER found AND there is no  DNA to test that Troy Davis killed anybody. I’m no attorney but I know that is terms to pursue a retrial , but instead the judge overseeing Troy’s appeal decided otherwise. The judge wants the defense to give evidence of innocence… was the above not enough? Troy died by lethal injection on September 21, 2011 in Jackson, Ga. PEOPLE,  AN INNOCENT MAN DIED, not one but 2 now. The police officer in 1989  now Troy Davis  19 years later. I am sure that both defense attorneys and the judge are still pointing  fingers at  one another trying to place the blame. No one  stepped up and to me and  no one pushed to do the right thing.  I am  beyond blown about this right now as is for the greater population of America , but Troy never lost his faith.

Troy Davis was courageous to me and remained spiritually in tuned throughout all the up roar and despair. I honestly can’t say if I would have done the same. The government is supposed to protect us of things like this from ever happening, right? The system was flawed. . . wait the system IS flawed somewhere and no one seemed to care to fix it. I agree 110%  that if any, this is the BEST argument for abolishing the death penalty. Sad thing is this is just Troy, imagine  other cases that have gone the same way or close all because someone didn’t want to do their job!

I am certain that this and many other cases like this will shift a change in all legal system. . . Sooner than later.

“In the name of God and Jesus Christ if you are innocent you shall LIVE no weapon formed against you shall prosper!”


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