The Case of The Morally Bankrupt

I’m not going to lie, lately I have noticed some people’s action display complete disregard for ethical principles and values. It’s all very funny to me too because these people will dump on you how what they are doing is right and what others are doing is wrong. I believe many times they try to convince themselves or  even seek justification or validation. Well, to start no one needs anyone elses permission or validation to be themselves also, in the same, neither should attempts be made  to judge the other . Yeah society may  outline what people ” should” do or how they “should” act , but in the end of the day is it really common sense or a case of apples and oranges?

There are a lot of social elements that come into play here, but the greater is personal morals. Its more than good or bad , but beliefs and emotional investments. The problem here is people don’t know how to practice what they preach, hypocritical in the sense. It is an obvious struggle. They’ll rant and rave , preach and point when they need to be looking in the mirror and doing it to themselves. I suppose people just don’t like admitting when they need to check themselves. Instead they’ll waste time trying to check others. I’ll never understand , lol. I laugh every time I see and know about someone  who does this bitchassness. Seriously though, I just want to say to some people, ” Oh forgive me cause I was raised a certain way  and won’t conform or agree  to what you are doing. Sue me!” Geez. lmao

Ethics play a part too. Anytime you hear a person calling someone else unethical is the same as calling them unprofessional. I see this OFTEN in the entertainment industry. It’s a sad truth, but some just don’t know the meaning of professional respect. To give an example, several weeks ago my friend @DJDEMP ( via twitter) mentions how two people in business can have a falling out and argument, but in the end of that argument one will say ” I wish you well in all your future endeavors.” Do you think they really mean that? Of course not! To me that is sarcasm at its best especially if you are still continuing to bash that person to other business associates. BEWARE, WORD GETS AROUND . . AND FAST! LOL Luckily true businessmen and women will see right through the BS and ignore it. To me this is a perfect example of being morally bankrupt because at this point, sometimes people will do or say anything for personal gain, and I mean ANYTHING! It’s a dog eat dog type of business and unfortunately you meet people  who are beyond inappropriate and selfish; stripped of any morals and personal respect for themselves.At the end of the day we all have our own way to make.  I just hope that people don’t lose themselves in the attempts for stardom, recognition, fame what have you. I hope that people don’t think they need to become morally bankrupt, voided of all morals ad standards, just to get what they want. . . and if so happen they do, to  just learn that not everyone is going to agree with them . What makes you isn’t me remember that.

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