Generation: Lazy

We all have dreams right? Goals and aspirations that we would like to reach. So, obviously one would know it would take hard work to get there, right? Well it really doesn’t seem to be the case for my generation. Am I saying that some of us in Generation Y are lazy? Yes. Oh and for those who didn’t know Generation Y is ranging from decades 1982-1995. Generation Y is in the league of asking questions, several questions to situations and sometimes problems in some cases wanting the answers to be given to them instead of figuring it out on their own. I was fortunate enough to be raised by a family that didn’t play that, AT ALL. Anything I wanted, I had to work for and anything I didn’t understand I would have to figure it out with the tools presented to me. Growing up I hated that, thought my parents were just being hard on me, but I see the lesson they were teaching. My Oma once said to me, “ You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink.” In my 27 years on this earth  I didn’t fully understand that until I was trying to help someone in their journey to success.

First, I never once anticipated on doing everything for this or any particular individual, but instead providing resources and means that has worked for me. Instead of appreciation that one would expect, I got, “ You aren’t trying to help me.”” You don’t care about me” Really!? One thing people need to realize is that things just don’t happen. You have to put hard work and effort on your part if it is something that you truly want to do. This person wanted me and everyone else in their life to do EVERYTHING for them . Once I put my foot down and told it how it is ,I, all of a sudden became the bad , selfish person. 0_o WOW! I am really starting to believe the meaning of hard work has become just as extinct as the Tasmanian Tiger to some. Geez, and the audacity to get so upset because YOU don’t want or feel you should do something that THEY should be doing for themselves. Trust me when I say this when you put your blood sweat and tears into something you want so bad and you finally get it, you appreciate it so much more verses it being handed or given to you. The satisfaction of when your efforts materialize into something substantial; that is what I believe people don’t have the patience to see.

Everything I have in my life I have earned. When it comes to modeling or any venture I am trying to succeed in I take advice , do my research and most importantly put my self in a position to eventually succeed. I don’t wish or hope on instant gratification I go for it and I am patient. People get it together! Its time we step up and took action for own lives but also knowing that there will be a Generation after us. We have to set the example and set the bar high.

3 Comments on “Generation: Lazy”

  1. Old but Wise says:

    Its interesting to see any young person write about a subject such as this. Young Lady you were raised well , kudos to your parents for bringing you up the right way.

  2. Alan says:

    I understand & can relate, I love how your very wise, keep up the great work & I will continue to read

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