Minding your Own

We all have met that one person or several people   who fly around acting like they are the experts on how everyone else should live their lives with a very misguided direction of their own. Hey, last I checked unless you received a degree in psychology or Life perhaps you should try to keep your comments/suggestions to yourself especially knowing you have no room to talk. Its funny yet sad to me to see people get so consumed  with other people’s life. They  try to analyze who, what , where , why and how. I’m sure at one point in our life we all have caught ourselves doing that, but WE seriously need to stop.

In the majority of the articles I write I tend and strive to write about what I know , not what I think I know. Maybe its just a personal preference for me, but I’m not going to talk to others or write about something I, personally  hadn’t experienced , heard, seen or known. I blame my train of thought on being a Pisces (^_^) ( shouts-out #teampisces ), but I don’t enjoy the company of a loud mouth know-it-all who claims to have every answer in the world. I immediately separate myself from people like this even more so if they are being hypocritical in the things they say. One way to get on my bad side quick is to talk to me or others about a situations that they haven’t experienced  or even sorted in their life. The only way I will even tolerate nosey busy bodies is if I am forced to work with them. So with that being said I try not to be or do  what makes me cringe, lol.

I know no one can control anyone elses behavior in the things they do or say,but some people really need to check themselves. So, I suppose the rhetorical question would be, “Do these people think before they speak? “But real talk, no need to fret because the point of this is minding your own business. In a way someone should be flattered that anyone would take so much time to mind what you are doing. Let them carry-on. While they are playing “expert” you can keep it moving. I hear it all the time but now I really need  people to practice what they preach; mind your own business. Assuming just makes an ass out of you and me. . . but mainly you if you don’t know what you are talking about. lol #BOOM

2 Comments on “Minding your Own”

  1. Brit says:

    Yes child love this. Some people need to read this and start minding theirs! I know a cple people who is like this and they get on my last damn nerve!! But like you said I feel great knowing that someone is always worried about what I’m doing. I must be important to them lmbo

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