Dont Knock the Hustle

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People need to understand something, none of us are better than the next person. At the end of the day we are all just a squirrel  trying to get a nut ( not figuratively) lol , but still you have some people out here knocking someone elses drive or hustle. The word, “Hustle” is just another way of saying you’re a go getter to me . Yeah it can include who you know ( networking) but all depending on how you network could be classified as hustling. Sometimes you’ll get people convincing themselves that their shine is being taken away or threatened by the achievement of others . That type of focus could show insecurities in yourself  and what YOU’RE truly wanting to do.  I’ve always been about supporting the next person in their endeavors , in some cases helping if I am able. People who know me KNOW ME know that.  For me to talk bad about what someone else is doing or trying to do , specifically if it’s about their business, makes me look unprofessional if I’m trying to establish myself too in the business  . ( aka BAD BUSINESS MOVE)

It’s a given, people are gonna have similar aspirations and goals , but that doesn’t mean they will take the same road to get there or treat situations presented to them  the same. No one should ever personally compare themselves or even assume the unknown ,especially in any business .If you dont know something ask. What might work for you may not work for others and vise versa. So in a way its almost silly to pass judgment. Here, I believe, is where the fine line between opinion and just talking noise gets crossed. I honestly believe that more can be accomplished if people would just support each other or just keep their comments to themselves. Shoot, I’ve seen the positive affects in doing this. Call it Law of Attraction or what have you , but I believe in it because it makes sense to me . Why be negative?

One thing that I can acknowledge in my” hustle ” is that I am very resourceful. I make it a point to go to different places and areas meeting new people for my business with the goal of getting real connections. In my past experiences I’ve appreciated those I’ve met whether if it was good or not . If it’s not too much trust, I keep it moving . But do people use each other? Absolutely they do. People use each other all the time mainly seeing what someone can do for them giving nothing in return. It took me time to figure out, but when networking with people in your industry you have to be able to bring something to the table too. Yes, this means you too will be used. It’s apart of the hustle and hard work with lessons learned and experience; all of which you can control by who you allow in your network . I have been used good and bad, but it is what it is.It happens Nothing in life is served on a silver platter, but in your journey remember who has helped you and don’t get brand-new. Humble yourself in your hustle and remember where you came from and most importantly don’t let anyone knock your hustle. Keep on grinding loves cause I am!!!

Respect the Hustle~

2 Comments on “Dont Knock the Hustle”

  1. Alan says:

    Your absolutely right

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