Happy with ME

( NC Beach no makeup early am with sweats and coffee…lol oh and earmuffs! )

Everyday  I wake up and am thankful for the life that God has set  forth for  me. I know that I am not the perfect person, but I am perfect at being ME. Much like most people in the world I’m flawed , misunderstood and   imperfect. I had finally reached a point in my life about a year ago where I was ok with that. Ok knowing that I can’t please everyone and I can just be ME with out assertion.  Before, I use to care what others  thought or said behind my back, but I eventually  realized I can’t continue to waste energy on people who hate me but  instead, use it towards the ones who love , care and appreciated my odd character

But just to divert for a moment:

I initially  started blogging as a release and to  use as a vessel for others to get some insight on me as a person, not just  as a model or actress.I try  not to divulge too much of my personal life, but I give my opinions and generalize on certain situations .  A lot of times though,  in the modeling industry especially where I started ( urban/glam) there is this ” stigma”. You know the, ” oh, she’s just a model chick, she can’t do anything else.” , ” I bet you she is a bitch and think she is the ish”, ” oh she thinks she’s a model, she’s just a groupie wannabe.” It goes on and on and quite frankly I was getting sick and tired of it. The unfortunate thing though is that there are some women out here getting gassed up and they do act this way, but not all of us! So as I got older and hipped to what was going on around me; I realized that all I needed to do is be MYSELF  and REAL will recognize REAL and to  stop worrying about ALL of that!

So, I realized quickly that I  have nothing to prove to anyone , but God and myself. Each day I am fortunate to see a new day and only thing I can do is learn from my mistakes and be a better person for me. It took some time. Seriously! None of us should be  consumed that we can’t learn to accept ourselves and surround ourselves with deserving people. All that trying to prove yourself is not only time consuming but also a waste when trying to convince people who have already made their reservations about you. Those who will take the time to  get to know you without assumption, will. It  really is as simple as that. Outside of that we all must learn  just to  be happy with ourselves. My grandmother always reminded me when I was younger to look in the mirror daily  and tell myself , ” I LOVE you.”and thank God for another day.  Now, I urge others to do the same cause if you don’t, how can you expect others to? It was a hard pill for me to swallow but finally I understood it.

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