Whats been up with JRoc?

Hey everyone. I know I havent been here to post for awhile. Those that have been keeping up with me know that I know longer have a blogspot site. Why? Well, this is way better.. lol Anywho, I have been blessed with a lot of opprotunities as lately and I have been super focused and busy with all of the joys that life has to bring. I am still doing modeling  , but taking on a different spin. My focus will be more geared towards acting and community outreach projects I am involved in ( stay up tuned ). Also I will be launching ” JessicaRochelle.com” very very soon. The goal there is to compile everything into one site. Obviously posters will be avail, chat and discussion forums for guests and friends and much more. Just also wanted to tell everyone thank you again  for all your continued support and those who doubted me. Most of all, eternally grateful for the  friendships and partnerships throughout  my journey. It took some time but I am finally surrounded by a good team of people with the same goals and aspirations and who are about BUSINESS.Some may talk a good game but now its time to stop talking and just DO! Personally, I  say that I have grown and changed for the better, that’s obviously what everyones goal should be and I am looking forward now to the horizions , excited and motivated more so then ever. Thank you Thank you and THANK YOU ALL again. Much love and respect and as ALWAYS be good to each other.

2 Comments on “Whats been up with JRoc?”

  1. tljkKEY says:

    I like your blog and words!

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