Those who know me know that I am a free spirit, kind, loyal honest and a goof troop, but one thing that I am not is a petty chick talking noise about others to hype myself up. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t expect to get along with everyone I meet but I am respectful, classy and remain civil. I’m so serious though, being positive has always been in and the higher route to go, being negative is whack!
Here is the deal. If someone feels so inclined to be subliminal in the things they speak or say online line, perhaps they have issues with being real with themselves. I can honestly say that anyone I have had a personal issue with I told them either directly to their face or spoken with them on how I feel about them. After all is said and done that’s it, there is no reason for me to continue on and be catty. Once that line has been crossed where I am no longer cool with someone there is no need to continue to make that person relevant. They are not that important. For anyone to “beef” with someone and continue to claim that a person is “this” or “that” YOU are continuing to make that person relevant in your life. Don’t you get it? Erase that person from your sub consciousness immediately. It is a complete waste of energy and time going out of your way to talk shit or find ways to indirectly to be an asshole.
At this point I am really looking forward to the day when we all can stop being so resistive and just talk directly to each other. In these days it’s almost like it unheard of to literally talk to someone without texts or social sites. Eh, just my opinion after all.

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