Heavy lies the crown, sometimes

PhotobucketIt is understandable that people get overcome with the events of life. Some have and continue to dwell on negative influences from the past. For others, it is just the opposite. The abundance of good fortune or success can also weigh heavy. I’m not even going to lie, its hard sometimes finding a balance between work, school, family, and friends. Not everyone is made to be exceptionally perfect in everything they do. We are only human.  See, anyone can also have a vast amount of following whether that been in fans or a strong support system backing them in whatever they are doing. They can still be the unhappiest and loneliest people you’ve ever met and as we all know, misery enjoys company.

 Events in our lives occur, some unfortunate and others that we consider unnecessary, but that’s life!  But, as always, drama begins facades are made and people still can’t find the time to just breathe. The weight of all that is going on becomes unbearable and all you really need to do now is slow down. However, a lot of what people think they know most of the time is miss communicated or misunderstandings, half of the time it leaves others in predicaments they never intended to be in or feel.   I am saying all this just to state don’t get to the point that no one can   tell you anything, we can always learn something new. Don’t think that you “cant” or “it’s too much” or even stating “I’m done!” Life can get heavy sometimes this is a fact, but just continue to try and not give up on people or what life throws at you. Everything happens for a reason and when life throws you a bunch of lemons make some lemonade… and throw some ciroc in there if you need it J/K . Enjoy your day folks.

♥ JRoc


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