Popularity vs respect

Just recently, my homie Eddy Inserra and I have chatted . A lot mostly business stuff but if you don’t know who this gentleman is he is the CEO and CO-Founder of itsmyurls.com. Well, he had just emailed me my Branded QR Code


Really cool cause it’s used to promote on my sites. Once everything was complete and I appreciated the support and satisfaction of the finished product he states, “not a problem, keep doing your thing. Hopefully we help your rise to the top!” I think that is awesome for anyone, period, wanting to help me but I responded, “I really don’t care about all that, at the end of the day I just want to be respected and make a difference :)” Apparently having this mentality is not very common in some people in the industry. So , now I am here writing about why I rather be the respected one than the popular individual. To me Being popular isn’t necessarily a good thing. Look at Kat Stacks, lol. Some people get so engulfed in being known by everyone and everybody and a lot of times it’s all for the wrong reasons. No, I don’t have a lot of followers on twitter, I am not in every mainstream magazine, tabloid or even mediatakeout.com. I don’t even go to the extremes of being “extra” saying or doing anything imaginably  possible for attention. At the end of the day I am confident in myself and business decisions I make as well, my projection on-line and in real-life. I am the type of person who has learned from their mistakes. I aspire to make a difference in other people’s lives and helping rather putting myself in front. That is  just me… honestly it is more fulfilling.

So, that’s why I said what I said to Eddie. I figured it would be an interesting thing to post so maybe others will read and will open up the discussion a little more to get others views.

Until next times folks!!

And thanks again Eddie, you ROCK!
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