Dont Burn Bridges

Orignal Post date Feb 10, 2011. Figure its time to repost this as well. Hopefully some people can see past themselves.

The past couple of weeks I have really been taken aback by some of the news I have heard of people close to me and in the world. Sometimes I wonder if people forget that tomorrow isn’t promised to them. I wonder if people ever stop to think, “hey is this how I want people to remember me ?” There are too many negative vibes and grudges out here in this world. All the energy that we are using need be directed in to loving each other and appreciating what we have not bitching, complaining, hating etc to others.

Every day I wake up and am blessed for my life. Though it took me some time to get use to, acknowledging the tough and trying times or instances that didn’t seem to be going my way. I remember that I can breathe, I can see, I can LIVE. I SHOULD BE THANKFUL, I AM BLESSED.

We all need to stop taking life for granted. This is just my opinion, but I do feel very strongly about it. As cheesy as it may sound, take the time to smell the roses, take the time to sit alone in a quiet room with just your thoughts and be thankful for the life you have. I pray for the souls whose lives have been taken far too soon as well do I pray for the people I have never met. We all need to find our own way but on that journey I just hope that we remember that we should live life to the fullest and be joyful and humble as we can through each day given to us.

So, don’t burn bridges, life is short. You never know if that will be your last time seeing that person and you don’t want any regrets.

R.I.P Reginald Doucet
R.I.P ILL Will

~Jessica Rochelle

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