What goes around. . .

So many people have said it before and I will repeat and say it again,

“You receive what you put out in life.”

 Whether that be a negative or positive vibe or someone who is outrageous or doesn’t give a flying fuck, a lil wonderful thing called Karma always make its grand appearance. I am a true believer in treating people the way I would like to be treated. I can barely count on one hand the individuals who dislike me, a lot of times it may be due to miscommunication or a misunderstanding BUT as much trash talking goes on behind ones back, I personally rather take the higher ground. I don’t believe in burning bridges, I don’t believe in being negative or trash talking I DON’T BELIEVE in being ignorant and mean. People who truly know me know that I care, often way too much. Yeah, it may be a weakness of mine but I rather be nice and cordial to people who don’t deserve it for the sake of my sanity and  my spirit. No one accomplishes anything by going out of their way to be hateful to another person especially if its for no justifiable reason.

Obviously there is a reason why I am writing this, but I will just simply state this: we ALL really need to treat each other better and treat each other with more respect than what I have seen and personally experienced.  It is proven and fact that no one is perfect. However, every time I get the urge to just” kirk-out” I ask my self, “what would God do?”That alone makes me change mental directions on the current situation.  I don’t ever intend to put any bad energy out in the world or any mis perceptions. Neither do I  want to display hatred or any type of aggression. Now there have times where I have slipped up( we all have) out of frustration, but still that is no excuse. I have learned to bring it back and think ( pray) on it and do/be better.  Only thing I hope ( and I hope others strive to accomplish) is peace and the patience to find common ground where you can agree to disagree but still stay  calm, cool and collected.

 Another topic I relate this to is the “law of attraction“. It is real. You think negative, negative things will happen. You doubt yourself, others will doubt you.  You put yourself out in the world to be a certain way… well you get the picture. :)

Always be cautious.

Be good to each other, always!
Love you all , even then ones who think ill of me.

Peace love and Glitter Gloves

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