True Colors

 Original Post Friday, May 24, 2011 on


Maya Angelou  said it best, ” when people show you who they are, believe them.” The struggle however for most is accepting people for who and what they are. Typically once one starts to learn about others in the process you unlock things within yourself that you didn’t know.  You being to see exactly how much you can tolerate from a person as well as how much patience you may have.  You may even see and learn whether or not you are a person who would be loyal or be a backstabber.  See we all have encountered someone in our lives who we once were cool with then all of a sudden aren’t.  Next thing you know people start talking about each other behind backs  or even concocted lies to make yourself better or bigger person.  Unfortunately they do and this is the moment when you clearly see someone and their true colors. Its funny to me cause it usually happens around a time when people aren’t getting along or seeing eye to eye.

The signs are always there though. I tend to raise eyebrows to anyone I first meet who goes out of their way to talk down or bad about someone else. Dude I JUST met you!! That is the Red flag I need to see cause if that person is carelessly talking to you about others who is to say they will not eventually do it to you?  Now there is an obvious fine line in speaking on your opinion and talking shit.  The claim with this is usually, ” I’m just keeping it real” or ” I am only speaking on what I know.” Its neither  and you don’t know anything, lol.  It amazes me  what people will say or even claim to do once they get angry at another person. I mean, aren’t we past this immature phase!?  Either way, again, the true colors show. You can ALWAYS count on people to show you who they really are and all you can do is accept them for who they are or keep it moving if its not what you need in your life. I chose the ladder.

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