Who am I F’ing Kidding!?

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Sometimes I don’t even know where to begin. The constant thoughts floating around in my head not being able to grasp just one idea or clear thought sometimes, but alas this is my problem. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, especially as women. Some of us take on to this whole wonder woman concept thinking and hoping that we too can do any and everything while still looking good. Can we? Really though, is that even possible?
If you are a person that has followed the “Jessica Rochelle journey” you have come to realize one of many things about me. I Model. I love to write. I am an aspiring makeup artist; as well I aspire to act… just to name a few. Who am I fucking kidding? For me to begin to do all those things at one time (in which I was actively pursuing) was burning me out. I learned quickly a long time ago that if you have a focus be 100% on that focus so that you can meet that desired goal. The cause of my demise as to why I may have not progressed further as I would like is that each thing that I aspired to be was only given about 25% . In doing this I wasn’t able to personally be where I needed to be and build any goal I had for myself.
I have had come to terms and whole heartedly admit that I simply was doing way too much. I don’t know, perhaps in doing so it was like keeping up with the Jones’ to me, but for what? Who batman cares about all that? There is a crystal clear difference in multitasking, prioritizing and completely burning yourself out, and I my friends burnt myself out doing too much. The great news is I acknowledged that, stopped and corrected my actions. Shoot, better late than never. So after some major fine tuning of my life and intimate conversations with myself I am glad to say I am back on track!
So what’s the adjustment? My focus is not on modeling and I don’t believe it ever was. I have plenty other tangible talents that I have to offer the world that I am more passionate about ; and why not do what is your passion? Granted I still shoot on occasion but I’m not indulged in it like before. I’ve gone back and honed into my Air Force way of working/thinking smarter not harder in every sense of the term. Now if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense and if it doesn’t make me happy, while the hell am I doing it anyway? So I continue on this journey… me, Jessica Rochelle… the…..let’s see what unfolds.

So, I am back in Georgia

Hello wonderful beautiful people. It has been a very long time hasn’t it? Well I am back and as always I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. I have been pretty busy.  So I moved back to Georgia and so far I love it. It is funny how things happen. I recall talking to one of my friends and saying that in 2007 when I was separating the service I had two choices of where to move, Jacksonville FL or here Atlanta Ga. Of course I choose Fl. It’s a good thing though because then I would have never met the friends in my life now that I am eternally grateful for. So, now that I am here I am still in school chasing my degree and believe it or not making my way back on to the modeling scene. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but this is something that I love to do so here we go…again

I hope to get on here and blog a lil more often than every 6 months, and I will def keep ya’ll up to date on projects I come across. Hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day and chat with you later

I do this for ME

One thing that I realized is people are always trying to out do , show, prove or be something that they are not all for the approval for others. All of the is so insignifcant and irrelevant.  Whether it be writing, music , dancing or which ever venue you chose to travel, do it for yourself. Do it because YOU are passionate in the field you choose. Don’t ever do it to claim yours “better” or more worthy to others . The mistake people make sometimes is seeking validation or acknowledgement either. They waste sooo much time on this that sometimes they forget the passion or reason why they’ve done what they “desired” in the first place.

People waste too much time and energy focusing on what others think of them as if will change your self worth. This may sound selfish as hell, but anything you do, do it for YOU first. Who’s better to look out for your best interest other than yourself?

Sugar coating, not easier to swallow.

Ahhh its been so long. I often have these long spouts of not writing , which is cool I honestly do this( writing )  for me, but today seemed to be a better day than any other to get back in the groove. So, today I was talking to my co-worker. We always talk about really anything under the sun. While I was talking to her more and more just getting to know each other  a I realized something in myself, I don’t sugar coat. . . anymore.  Yeeeeeaah, I use to be the type to spare people’s feelings because I am a caring  warm-hearted person, but the truth is in most situations people need to hear the truth , even if it’s about themselves. Don’t get me wrong I have been on a on-going self-realization of myself and I am to the point now more so that I am getting more comfortable with myself and being brutally honest with my self. For instance, acknowledging my flaws and vises ( we all have them) Knowing is half the battle. Most people like to deny what IS and make excuses or even prove, but why?

If anything that I have learned in  the past ( I’ll say) 7 years is that you first have to be honest with yourself and secondly be honest with others. Doing so presents an automatic respect to me. And don’t make excuses! Another thing I have come to realize is that I have to stop making/accepting  excuses for myself and to not accept empty excuses from others , friends & family included.  Sugar Coating is always an easier pill to swallow, but its like taking a placebo pill, it will not work and it def. will not solve your problems ! Sometimes people just can’t handle the truth , so they do this to either avoid the situation or to be “nice”. You have to be able to see things/people etc. for what they truly are. You need to be able to see this so that you   understand things  better, deal and overcome accordingly. Well , at least that’s just me. I’m still on this amazing ride called life and everyday is a learning experience shaping the person that you become. Thoughts?

Been a long time. . .


Its been a long time, but what better time to write a new post while I’m chillin waiting for my cousin to HURRY UP! Lol, jk.  First, I just like to apologize for taking sooooo long. Those closest to me know I’ve been on serious grind mode, plus still getting acculumated after my surgery. I wrote a post a while back and honestly I have written since then. . . Just haven’t posted them ( bad jessie) Anywho, I just wanted to talk about my week and what I call, ” the moment of self realization”. . . Well more so just add-ons to my moments already acknowledged.

I’ve really came to the conclusion that it is not my nature to hold grudges with people. I truly believe my spirit , as much as I tried , can’t honestly say that I hate a person. Strong dislike, yes, but not flat out hate where at the mere mention of a name or memberance of a situation makes me cringe. NO. What’s the point anyways? I’m 28 years old and I by far still have a lot to learn within myself and THIS one thing I am certain of. I can’t stay mad with people. #truestory Instead I take mental notes, forgiving but not forgetting on what was and I observe, ALOT! I believe  that is one of my best assets I have. I can’t stand bitter bitches, negative nancy’s or straight up assholes. I keep people like that very far away from me. I strongly urge others to check their circles and start making cuts, if you haven’t already.

So , hmmm what else has been going on with me? Well, life has been great I got another promotion at work doing EXACTLY what I want to do based on my career goals which is an awesome feeling. YAY me, and of course spending time with those close to me. You know twitter and FB and the random talking noise online  is all fun in games sometimes , but in the end if its not making money, it don’t make sense. Hence why you don’t see me on twitter nearly as much as before ( don’t worry I will not delete it like last time, lol ) plus I have a new found hobby, PAINTING.

Painting has been so liberating for me. There really isn’t much I can say outside of that. Oh, and before I forget I WILL be shooting again soon. So if anyone talking about J Roc is falling off tell them to shut their mouth cause its about to get serious. :)

Never left and always appreciating everyones support.
Xoxo peace love and glitter gloves


New Blogs soon

Hey y’all just a quick hi and to let everyone know I’ll be posting again soon. Been hella buzy, but I appreciate everyones continued support. Love you all .

Why we hate each other? Pt.2

It’s how we were raised. . .:

Another point that is natural as any other point, but what we fail to realize is how we were brought up.  Could it be something passed down from generation to generation by family morals and beliefs? I can’t say, but its something to think about.  It is true that you are a product of your enviroment and even more so true that we can change our outcome and how we think. Not everything is always left to blame on our upbringing. I mean you would think that for us ( humans) to be such an ” evolved ” species  we would understand that people will be people. Now, I’m not trying to coerce you all to ride the rainbow of love and glitter sprinkles , but the petty issues we have with each other shouldn’t be made problems at all , but  instead, a celebration. Too often I see people harboring negativity  and hate when they should be happy and keep it moving.

I know that people are going to be different from me , but I also know that its my choice who I associate myself with. I understand that instead of being hateful  towards other people and their thoughts or ways of life at the end of the day  I decide what I agree with and not. It is not beneficial to me to downplay anything anyone else is doing or why they are doing it.  We should only concern oursleves with that when it comes to what we do individually.